1987 Derbi DS-50 for sale

This puppy is fast! It has all Metrakit Parts as follows: 70cc Nic-a-sil top end, Expansion Chamber, 15mm Dellorto Carb/intake manifold kit. It also has a 30 tooth rear sprocket (33 was standard) and a lightened variator. Electronic ignition is standard. The electric starter is inoperative and removed. Thats about $300.00+ in parts alone. It also has a reinforced/large foot centerstand. The handlebar/plastic/headlight assy. was replaced with a Honda assy as the plastic was no longer available. $500.00 OBO. I will deliver free in Southern California ONLY.


Re: 1987 Derbi DS-50 for sale

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

hey man i dont wanna buy it but ive got one myself

do you have a wiring diagram?

and mine has a wierd idle problem, any help?

Re: 1987 Derbi DS-50 for sale

wanna sell that metrakit and pipe? I have a stock top end + cash. let me know.

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