FS: Puch x50/ 3M three speed manual engine

I got this from germany awhile back, its really clean. No topend, but it bolts up any puch top end. Its got three speeds, and a clutch, so you can rev it at stop lights and impress all the ladies, not to mention the fact that there are like 10 or so of these engines in the states. It cost me a little over 300 bucks to get it here and everything, so i'd like to get that out of it. Email me for prompt service.

i'll get some pictures of it up tonight.

Re: FS: Puch x50/ 3M three speed manual engine


this is what you're in for. apparently bolts right up to an a35 pipe. i was planning on building it into a nasty 50cc with an a35 topend. i hear big kits eat these things up like mayonnaise.

Re: FS: Puch x50/ 3M three speed manual engine

Cool stuff! Good luck with the sale.

Re: FS: Puch x50/ 3M three speed manual engine

Do you have the shifter/clutch?

Wanna meet me half way at "meat me half way" for delivery?

Re: FS: Puch x50/ 3M three speed manual engine

Never mind just got lead on a kicker...good luck.

Someone get this and build a G3 to eat MB5's...

Re: FS: Puch x50/ 3M three speed manual engine

Im pretty interested... I gotta see whats up for my projects though ebfore I commit to a 300 dollar bottom end.


I'll take it... email is sent from jand@comcast.net

Re: DIBS!!!

Sent email to you, but it was kicked back to me... email me or call me when you read this... I dont care what time it is. jand@comcast.net or (203)980-0291



Re: DIBS!!!

thanks jon, i've got another guy who emailed me like, ten minutes after i posted this, so he gets first crack. i'll take some pics when i get home from work and try to get them up tonight for youse guys.

i dont think i have an extra shifter, but i'll dig around. i might have a 2 speed shifter that would work.

Re: DIBS!!!

These actually bolt up to Tomos and Allstate frames without much difficulty. Ah, if I could do it all over again.

I still have my three speed magura shifter with cable, email me if interested.

Puch x-50 3m for sale


If someone is interested, I have 2 puch x-50 3m three speed manual engines for sale. I'm from The Netherlands so i don't know how much the shipping costs will be but if your looking for a good engine you can e-mail me and we can work something out.



Re: Puch x-50 3m for sale

Check your mail peter.

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