Pittsburgh. Free Crap. Help!

Hi Moped Army! Do you like free crap? I definitely do, and that's why I picked up a non-running Honda cb350 four-stroke twin.

I just won an auction for a barn-quality bike that I adore (another Puch twingle!), and have to go pick it up within the next few weeks. If the Honda doesn't go, I get in lots of trouble!

Who wants it? My backup option is to take it for one final ride down my basement steps where I'll probably have to do bandsaw work to get it back out again. Not Cool!

So here's the deal

You give me: one taking this motorcycle away from me please okay thanks.

I give you: one two-wheeled, twin-cylindered cb350 that is missing random parts. The exhaust is a bit rusty, the wheels are a bit rusty, I made something out of one of the carburetors, I have no title to it, the tank is clean and dented, and the front brake is locked up. I had the key, but I broke it off in the fork lock.

If you act now, half of the broken key will be included in this deal, but you'll have to pry it out yourself.

Pittsburgh. Free Crap. Help!

Gunther McCilicutty /

dude...craigs list that thing. I just sold a Honda 750 non running for 500 bucks. you should be able to get 200 bucks out of it.

Re: Pittsburgh. Free Crap. Help!

My email address was wrong in the last post. My email address is black_twingle at yahoo dot com.

Re: Pittsburgh. Free Crap. Help!

Gunther, it came from craigslist!

I was buying a Solex, and got this Honda for free since I went out with a truck.

"Bring a truck, win free prizes!"

I already got my money's worth out of it (ha, very funny), but I _was_ considering either using or selling the seat. I don't know how, but it made it through the last 36 years without a scratch.

If a few days pass with no takers, I can throw it to the jackals in Pittsburgh.

No, that wasn't an insult - the jackals are our soccer team. Look it up!

Re: Pittsburgh. Free Crap. Help!

i could use some parts from it...

could you bring it down the hill for me? i don't have a truck.


(from greenfield...in the run)

Re: Pittsburgh. Free Crap. Help!

Gunther McCilicutty /

The one thing I know is Pittsburghers love a good deal...I know this because I lived there for 10 years and moved down here to NC last year. I still have a house there on the SouthSide Slopes I am trying to sell/rent.

Good luck

Re: Pittsburgh. Free Crap. Help!

i'll trade you a non-running cb350 for your house in the slopes!

Re: Pittsburgh. Free Crap. Help!

Gunther McCilicutty /

fill the tank with blow and you got a deal.......

Re: Pittsburgh. Free Crap. Help!

Jeff, good plan.

If there was ever a sudden switch to non-running cb-line Hondas as currency, I'm in the right part of the country.

Gunther, if you won't take just one, how many non-running cb350s would you to trade your house in the Slopes for?

Re: Pittsburgh. Free Crap. Help!

Gunther McCilicutty /

119,000 dollars worth of scrap metal.....not sure how many bikes that is.

the house is tits...its got a loft...did all the work myself. all Pergo and ceramic....but carpet in the BR's. 3 floors off goodness plus a walk in basement from the street.

I had to move to NC for work.

check the pic of the loft


Re: Pittsburgh. Free Crap. Help!

Gunther McCilicutty /

here is a pic of the out side front...you may have seen it


Re: Pittsburgh. Free Crap. Help!

Gunther McCilicutty /

..and the backyard...2 levels.

sorry twister to jack the trhread with pics of my pad for sale

so....who wants to take the cb 350 off twisters hands?!?!?!?


Re: Pittsburgh. Free Crap. Help!

and if the house falls off the hill, will i get my _blow back_?


Re: Pittsburgh. Free Crap. Help!

oh the puns never stop

Re: Pittsburgh. Free Crap. Help!

That's right - for anyone unacquainted with Pittsburgh, the Slopes are so very very high above the city that it snows there even in August.

Gunther, no worries - you have a very cool house.

Granted, someone made an unfortunate siding color decision a while back, but your garden/yard looks like a chill mountain shrine and you can bring motorcycles right into your basement!

I wish I could bring motorcycles into my basement. No... wait, I can. I guess I wish that it was possible to bring motorcycles OUT of my basement after I committed them to a life down flights of stairs.

I have yet to resort to constructing work yurts in the yard for each new project I bring home. Given the subject of this thread, I think that might be the next step.

Re: Pittsburgh. Free Crap. Help!

Gunther McCilicutty /

The house is on Letcoe...just one street back from Josephine...still not very Moped freindly.

...and yes..unfortunate color

Re: Pittsburgh. Free Crap. Help!

hey does it have a good triple tree on the top of the forks? cause if so ill pay for shipping for it. im restoring a cb350 w. my bro right now.

Re: Pittsburgh. Free Crap. Help!

i want your cb.

how soon must you get rid of it?

Re: Pittsburgh. Free Crap. Help!

I actually have to get rid of it tonight. I don't think Jeff knows this.

Damn. Actually, I didn't know this either until just a second ago when guy from ebay called to say that he'd be stopping by later with my new pile of ancient motorbike.

Yes, people, this is how the stupid roll. At least, this is how we roll motorbikes around at the last minute.

Robby, if I took parts of the fork assembly off now, I wouldn't be able to move it around anymore. I think the plan is to help Jeff roll it down the hill to where he keeps his own ancient heaps (I'm making assumptions here, actually.) - perhaps after it's there he'll be willing to take the time to part it out.

I wish I had more time on this, or that I had used the months of having this beast sitting around more productively. Still - a Honda, a Puch, and the space for only one - what would you choose?

Re: Pittsburgh. Free Crap. Help!

if you can hold it till sunday i may be able to come and get it.

Re: Pittsburgh. Free Crap. Help!

sorry dude..it's coming to live at my house...

if there's a part you need i may be able to help you out...

but, i haven't gotten to see it yet, and I want a chance to decide whether it's worth fixing or not...

My wife and I have been looking for a motorcycle to chop up, box up and send to friends in Africa where they can unbox and assemble it. This might be the one.

Re: Pittsburgh. Free Crap. Help!

It's gone. I got the Puch. It's awesome. It has a mouse nest! It's green for some reason, and has glitter spiral pinstripes. WTF?

Brandon, ask Jeff for parts or sales. He did me a favor by taking this thing away, though.

P.S. When my older brother came back from Africa I was glad for the time to hang out with him. He broke his leg when he wiped a motorbike out on a bad road. A cubbish sort of thing, I believe. Dirt track inside city limits...

Props to the League of American Cyclists for our nice roads.

Re: Pittsburgh. Free Crap. Help!

nah its cool...

ive been hunting a cheap cb project.

i have a nice newer triumph. it makes me sick how nice it is.

i miss my rat bike.

Re: Pittsburgh. Free Crap. Help!

Coasting the cb down Greenfield avenue wasn't as scary as i thought.

i think the rear brake is dragging a bit, so it kept the bike under 40 mph.

topping at the red light at the bottom of the hill was a little rough with no front brake.

then getting towed by my brother in law on a Shadow using a bicycle tire tube to pull the CB...now that was scary. Every time he'd start to slow down, I'd sling by him. Almost hit a car head on.

I'm a smart.

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