BOX-O- Peugeot Stuff!

Box-o-peugeot stuff.

Stock cylinder totally fine

Stock piston, Lower ring busted, (not while it was running) I was being a Dumbass when I was putting on my new kit and playing with the old piston and I broke it with my fingers.

1 NOS internal Coil

1 NOS points

1 NOS lighting coil

STATOR PLATE WITH COVER and internals, needs to be re-wired.

2 extra condensors

1 rectifier used

1 NOS Rectifier

Stock Gutner CArb with airbox

Stock intake with REEDS!

All this stuff came off a 1977 103 lvs-u3 with 299 original miles on it.

The NOS stuff came from moped shop, but never got used, I got a CDI instead.

Everything is all boxed up and ready for shipping or pick up in SF!

Nothing will be sold individual, best offer takes the whole box!

If no one offers I'll put the box on the steps of 1977 mopeds and run away into the night.

PS still have that Ciao laying around. she goes into storage in the morn.

make me an offer on her too, I was looking for 500.

Re: BOX-O- Peugeot Stuff!

Jake Shaughnessy /


Re: BOX-O- Peugeot Stuff!

hmmm, $35?

Re: BOX-O- Peugeot Stuff!

I hear $35, does anyone here bid BUMPITY?


Re: BOX-O- Peugeot Stuff!

e-mail sent on that ciao.

Re: BOX-O- Peugeot Stuff!

Oh, man i need some of the ignition stuff, bad!

Re: BOX-O- Peugeot Stuff!


Re: BOX-O- Peugeot Stuff!

I hear $50, last call for any scragglers. Do I hear BUMPITY?

I also forgot that the flywheel is inside too!

I'll post my email for paypal around 1 or so today and I'll ship out with UPS this afternoon.

Re: BOX-O- Peugeot Stuff!

1 hour, last call!

Re: BOX-O- Peugeot Stuff!

Still interested...Looking for a paypal address to finish this deal... also sent you an email.

Re: BOX-O- Peugeot Stuff!

Sorry guys, my dog got wicked sick and I've been on 36 hour dog watch.

haven't even been around.

ok So Jeff you got man!


paypal to:


again im sorry.



Re: BOX-O- Peugeot Stuff!

Hi Kirk,

No problem...hope your dog is feeling better.

Payment has been sent.



Re: BOX-O- Peugeot Stuff!

bernie morris /

i am desperate for most of your peugeot parts. ihave been looking for over a year, for, coil , stator plate, points. and so as not to loose this deal, please tell me what you want for the whole box load...DESPERATE........ thank you.. i will pay for shipping also.

Re: BOX-O- Peugeot Stuff!

sorry bud, shipped with ups today, on the way to michigan!


Re: BOX-O- Peugeot Stuff!

Did you sell the box of Peugrot stuff?

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