Painful Echo ????????

Your are music to our ears. Sir/Madam, where do we send our donations? May I suggest or Sorry I don't know how to enter links on this 3+ year old BBS

Re: Painful Echo ????????

dale. i dont care what you do in the gen forum, but this is the buy/sell. dont litter it up please.

Re: Painful Echo ????????

How much is shipping on a painful echo?

Re: Painful Echo ????????

lets all chip in and get painful echo shipped to Abu Dhabi...

Re: Painful Echo ????????

Look what i just found on the members page! it must be from his livejournal.

" Author: painful echo (67.159.44.—-)

Verified User: painful echo

* Date Posted: 08-15-08 07:20

Been a little quite in the members only forum so I thought I would mix it up a bit with this.

I would take everything I have to say with a grain of salt. After all, I am a meth head, drug dealing, computer hacking, liar. Take my word for it, Take it from the man himself. Here is his(my) autobiography.

I am a little pansy who likes to suck off chris MWH because i am too stupid to work on my own moped. For a blowjob here and there he will do things like clean my carb, put tires on my bike that my weak wrists can’t handle, and stick his nose up my ass while licking my nuts. I like it. i like it a lot more than riding mopeds, and i only bring one around that old perv because.. i don’t know, it is part of the deal.

Lately he has been fucking a lot younger boys and i have had to lie to the police about it to protect him, so when i see you guys saying mean things about him it just makes me SO MAD. So i sign into members forums with passwords that chris STOLE FROM PEOPLE WHO USE THE MOPEDWAREHOUSE INTERNET SITE. You know, if you create an account there, with a login and maybe it is the same here at MA.

He has a little guy suckling on his taint and just inputting all the logins from his site till he found a few that works. a few MEMBERS login’s that work. I don’t know why he bothered, i guess he got tired with shipping things late, fucking people over and stealing their credit card info. Sometimes fraud just isn’t enough to satisfy a big strong moped mechanic, you know?..."

it goes on but i think you get the picture.

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