FS honda mb5

Ive somewhat lost interest in my mb5 project, so its up for grabs if anyone wants it for 350.00

it has less than 900 original miles....ive stripped it to the frame painted the frame, cleaned and sealed the tank, and added the following parts NEW.

Ignition switch



tons of misc bolts






and more....

i have a 200.00 reciept from bike bandit for all of the parts..

it comes with an extra engine and throttle cable and box of parts. i had it running a few days ago but wasnt able to get it shifting and now i cant get it running again,

it needs a seat cover and a left side cover ( batt cover)

im on st louis if anyones intrested let me know 350.00 i have twice that into it

thanks johnny 314-570-0393

Re: FS honda mb5

I.R.E. Mike Pee /

Just sent you an e-mail. Dibs!

Re: FS honda mb5


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