WTB vleosolex, grip and tension linkage.

for a 3800, 1966, I'm just calling it the tension linkage cause I don't know. its the bit that goes between the arm thingy with the black knob on it, and pushes the motor tighter down onto the tire....


Re: WTB vleosolex, grip and tension linkage.

In the photo that you attached, the throttle sleeve is broken. It is part # THRTLSV "old style 3800 Throttle Insert" on this page:


For the tension linkage, I need a better description of what you need...a photo perhaps?

Or maybe you can tell me the part number from this diagram?:


Also, your Solex is not from 1966. The 14-3-1966 date that is cast into the top of the motor is the date of approval of that motor type, not the date of manufacture. That same date is cast into every Cyclomoteur 3800 motor. If you let me know either the frame number or motor number, I can give you the year. The motor number is a seven-digit number stamped into the top, rear of the motor, as far back on the motor as you can go, just in front of the steering tube. You may need to clean the area, and or use a flashlight to see the number. It will begin with a 5. The frame number is a seven-digit number stamped into the right side of the frame near the weld joining the main downtube to the steering tube. It will start with an 8.

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