SF: Orange Vespa Ciao *Registered*

So my girl bought this 1976 ciao in the spring for over $250, only to find out the engine had been left many years without a plug in it.

It was toast.

I spent the last couple months getting it ready for her to ride, when out of no where motobrokane sells her a spree and bam, no moped needed.

The New:

I bought an Engine from a 1980 Vespa Grande that was being parted out, According to seller it only had 400 miles on it.

I got new tubes from Zippy Mopeds and put on a decent set of tires from another ped I had laying around.

New Petcock from 1977mopeds, new fuel line and inline fuel filter.

Rear Wheel is VARIATED, it's from a GRANDE. (Duel Variation! hell yeah!)

I cleaned and rebuilt the Rear wheel Transmission with new seals and new fluids.

New Wooddruff Keys all around.

I inspected the brakes, clutch and piston, all in perfectly good shape.

The Word:

I rode her around for over an hour last night, she tops out at 25 for now and shes running rough, I see 30 in the future.

She won't idle on the stand. I cleaned the card, replaced jets, etc. Spark is strong. She just needs some time I can't give her at the moment.

She dies at stop signs, but will start right back up with pedaling and throttle.

Where she needs help:

Rear wheel needs to be trued. Totally Ridable, but it'd be nice and 1977 can do it once their boy gets back on his feet.

Mission Decomp cable but still starts up with a little leg muscle

Rear light is busted. The tail light may need some attention. I'm including a bicycle tail light.

The Whole idle situation, mentioned above.

Other stuff:

Orange in color, classic Ciao look. Has rust but not a ton, more on the bars, a few dents here and there.

No side covers.


I'm moving to the mission on Monday, and she needs to be gone, or else I would fix her.

I would also consider trading my 58mph GPS confirmed Peugeot 103, (Kit, Doppler, CDI, Malossi, 19mm phbg etc.)over $1100 invested, and this ciao for something bad ass. i.e magnum, maxi that is sick.

I only need one bike.

I've spent a good chunk of change getting this puppy ridable and I'm looking for around $450 obo. Listed for $500 for CL suckers.

I know this price is high, but I pay $1150 a month for a tiny studio in SF, prices are higher here. $200 peds in ohio, people pay $600 a month for a house.

Not trying to offend anyone. If the price is too high, make me an offer or don't respond.

Ciao comes with extra rotten engine, and lots of other parts.

Let me know!



Re: SF: Orange Vespa Ciao *Registered*

in my tiny studio

Re: SF: Orange Vespa Ciao *Registered*

Ok, so i just rode her down to the beach and took some pics.

I skipped a couple stop signs, but she rode it great!

Just hit up treats and make this puppy a wheely monster!

Re: SF: Orange Vespa Ciao *Registered*

Re: SF: Orange Vespa Ciao *Registered*

Re: SF: Orange Vespa Ciao *Registered*

Re: SF: Orange Vespa Ciao *Registered*

i have a 76 just like that, has the same syptoms too. probably an air leak somewhere. i got mine for 40 bucks tho. hehe, but i didnt see the front variator. someone buy this bike! super easy fix if it is an air leak.

Re: SF: Orange Vespa Ciao *Registered*

Thanks Mike!

If someone doesn't pick her up this weekend I'm going to be forced to put her in storage.

Then it will be months until I pull her out again.

My new spot is small and I'll only have room for the pug.

I thought there was a moped drought going on??? All these noobs lookin for bikes in SF and not one response?

Re: SF: Orange Vespa Ciao *Registered*

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

id buy that extra engine :o

Re: SF: Orange Vespa Ciao *Registered*

Yo Maitland,

If you want to cruise by this weekend, you can have the old engine and extra stuff.

I need to liberate space.

If you want to be super cool, I'm looking for an extra stock carb for the ciao or a used 13.13, but I don't want you to feel obligated at all. You can totally come by and have all the extra stuff for free.

I'm in the outer richmond by the beach.

Hit me an email for my address.


Re: SF: Orange Vespa Ciao *Registered*

alright, some kids off CL are coming by tonight.

Last call for the moped army train boarding a vespa ciao.

I'll post again if she stays around.

Hit me up.

Maitland, you want the engine?


Re: SF: Orange Vespa Ciao *Registered*

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

yeah i want the engine.

i think i have a 12.12 for you for sure. if not i do have a 12.10

Re: SF: Orange Vespa Ciao *Registered*

Sweet, let me know when you wanna swing by.


Re: SF: Orange Vespa Ciao *Registered*

GRRRR, CL flakes ahhh!

Still here, my new landlord is gonna be pissed!


Re: SF: Orange Vespa Ciao *Registered*

ᴛᴇʀʀʏ ᴅᴇᴀɴ /

are you sure that's a 76? crazy! usually only the earlier models had the vin plate riveted onto the rear fender like that, later models usually had the sticker plate on the tank.

also it has the "eye brow" head light rim, i've only seen those on the early models.

same with the "ciao" stickers, later models usually said VESPA/PIAGGIO" stacked.

does the vin tag say 76?

i'm not doubting you or anything, i could be totally wrong about the trim, i learn new things about these bikes every day.. this one's just different than i'm used to.

awesome bike, btw.

Re: SF: Orange Vespa Ciao *Registered*

ᴛᴇʀʀʏ ᴅᴇᴀɴ /

also, $450 is not too much for a nice, running ciao. specially not in sf.

Re: SF: Orange Vespa Ciao *Registered*

Word Thanks Dean,

I'll check the plate my dislexia could have kicked in, but I'm pretty sure it's a 76.


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