FS Bing 12mm

I have two. One in great shape and one in OK shape. Both function fine! Also have two 12 intakes...

Send me an offer..will ship USPS Priority so add $10.

Re: FS Bing 12mm

i'll bite, how about $10 ?

Re: FS Bing 12mm

how about not...


Re: FS Bing 12mm

Gunther McCilicutty /

15 bucks

Re: FS Bing 12mm

on ebay 12's go for like 25ish

Re: FS Bing 12mm

That's about right depending on condition...I'll take $20 plus shipping and I would prefer for your safety Priority Mail.

If you want an intake too add $3

Intake only $5 plus shipping

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