FS- 75 roadrunner project OHIO

lost interest.needs 2 go can't find a camera.. its a 1975 dixie int'l moped , but mainly known as a rigid motobecane... its all their but needs a bunch of work- 75.00 and it's yours. call me 614 threee one two 1594 -pickup in marysville ohio

Re: FS- 75 roadrunner project OHIO

bump, just took it out and inspected it, its missing alot more than i thought, just enough their to make it run, not look pretty.

Re: FS- 75 roadrunner project OHIO

Hey, I gots one o thems. It was free though. If you could get me a picture or two, that'd be great. Maybe just tell me what it does and doesn't have?

Re: FS- 75 roadrunner project OHIO

doesnt have side covers, original headlight, (have non original), only has throttle and back brake cables, i have a bunch of non moby parts that can go with it... i'm about to ebay it if its not gone soon.-60.00 and its yours !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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