WTB: Stock peugeot piston

Again, I broke another fucking piston trying to crank the wrist pin through. First I tried a hammer, didn't work. Then I bought a nice clamp and carefully cranked it in, snapped it again. I don't know what I'm gonna try this time and before this is done I'll have spent almost the same amount of money as it would have cost to get a fucking kit......

but anyways, I need another stock piston. It's cool, I've already got a _few_ sets of rings.


e-mail me if you've got it!

Re: WTB: Stock peugeot piston

did I mention I hate my moped?

Re: WTB: Stock peugeot piston


Re: WTB: Stock peugeot piston

I think I have a "B" piston.

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