77 pacer part out.

i'm doing a lifan engine swap on my pacer , im selling everything except the frame and wheels/fork. email me with what u want, the engine needs a piston and rings and is a reedvalve mo1.-thanks

Re: 77 pacer part out.

thats the reed valve M1 right. intake on case not cylinder. $62.50 shipped??? i thought they were only made in 1980?? e-mail my with paypal address!!

Re: 77 pacer part out.

what all did you need?

Re: 77 pacer part out.

I need the complete engine with good electronics, internals and clutch. cylinder isn't so crucial, cuz I'll probably kit it! but I would like what ever you have. I'm mounting it on my Lem!!

Re: 77 pacer part out.


i'll take the chain guards if i can... email me.


Re: 77 pacer part out.

hey, sold the chain guards already, but still have side covers.. i'd like to get more than 62.50 tho for all that...........

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