WTB: A Moped! Hartford,CT

Looking to purchase a running moped in the CT area in the near future. Have been looking around Craigslist and Ebay with no luck finding a decent one in my price range (300-450$). I am looking for a moped that will be used daily for getting to and from work, and for general fun and tom foolery (I am sick of my car payments, insurance, and gas prices). I have some experience working on bikes and if it requires some minor repairs and cleaning that would be fine, Thank ya!

Re: WTB: A Moped! Hartford,CT

If ou are interetested I have a wondrfuly running 99 Tomos Targa thast I painstkingly restored over the last year or so.I need to get $550.00 for it but there is little or nothing leftto do to it,yea theres always somthing,I know.Be happy to send a picture or two if interested,just send along your email address.I hail from Waterbury,Ct..David

Re: WTB: A Moped! Hartford,CT

Re: WTB: A Moped! Hartford,CT

Ive got a motomarina sebring that I have lost the head to. I took it apart to clean out the carbon and lost the head to it, it also needs a cylinder block bolt (very cheap). Clean tank and MAGS. The mags alone are worth half the asking price. $250 as is. I just want it gone

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