WTB vespa subframe

so i need a subframe. preferably from a variated bike, but not necessarily.

i need it rather quickly actually

Re: WTB vespa subframe

oops, just realized that ciaos dont have subframes.

so yeah, anybody?

Re: WTB vespa subframe

You crack yours like I did mine? If so I recommend cutting a piece of 11ga steel to fit the front half of the RH side subframe (the side that always breaks) with appropriate holes, then welding it in. Did this to mine when it was cracking, no problems since, welds are solid. The 11ga steel is sufficient to keep the RH side from torquing, which is what causes the cracks to begin with.

Re: WTB vespa subframe

yeah i used rivets which didnt work, so now i need a new one. trust me, i need a whole new one.

Re: WTB vespa subframe

Wish I had one for you. There was one on ebay from a Bravo, which would work...hope you got it. If not, check mopedrecyclers, or treatshq sometimes has secret vespa parts. Also email zippy moped.

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