WTB within 500 miles of saint louis Puch, Foxi etc

i'm not really going to travel 500 miles i have an idea..

here is the premise:

was trying to buy a 1979 puch sears freespirit for 400 in great condition yesterday, but the guy left me hangin, waited around all day saturday.. wrote on friday he would email me saturday to setup a time to come out. i think it was probably the first time he ever used craigslist, and did not know the Demand around here in saint louis. so it just wasn't meant to be.

anyway, i know a guy near st louis had offers of 1500 on a 1977 Puch he posted to sell for 500 OBO. this was a couple weeks ago. i imagine he probably got that 1500 or even more. now i wonder how much the guy with the freespirit sold his for.

here is the idea:

everyone around this general vicinity within 500 miles looking to sell. come here for a weekend. and sell your great looking, great running Peds to saturate the demand.

in return you get a crazy amount of spread!

when there is rich people involved that means new better aftermarket parts are going to be made. :D

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