WTB - Trac Stuffz


I am looking for:

A Trac Sprint Frame

Trac Sprint Mags

Trac Sprint side covers

Also, if you have any other misc. Trac stuff from either the Olympic or the Sprint that is just taking space and you wouldnt mind making a few dollar billz...let me know.

Yours Truly,

John J

Re: WTB - Trac Stuffz

Hate to thread jack but just wondering if my old Trac's doing you well?

Re: WTB - Trac Stuffz

Ha its fine...

It is a badass bike, but it stinks not being able to make it fast. I am still looking for a Daelim motor to mount on it though, and I am making a second bike from all the spare parts I have accumulated, and will be more inclined to mod this one.

They are sweet, but that Laura motor is a bi-otch.

How are you doing?

Re: WTB - Trac Stuffz

I have a set of trac snowflakes. If you are interested I can take some pics for you.

Re: WTB - Trac Stuffz

Good. I have since aquired a very nice condition Sprint with a Daelim engine. It way faster. You could always ask Nathan Bandit how he managed to get a Tomos engine on there.

Re: WTB - Trac Stuffz

I have a shit-ton of Trac parts. I'll sell it all to you on the cheap. Two olympic frames, some tanks, some beat up engines, some wheels (spoked), electrics, covers, etc.

Re: WTB - Trac Stuffz


e-mail me, I'm interested in the trac parts.


Re: WTB - Trac Stuffz

I need a sprocket for a daemlin engine

Re: WTB - Trac Stuffz

How bout _you_ email _me_.

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