WTB: E50 or ZA50

I want to buy your running E50 or ZA50. I will pay good $$ today! If you have anything, let me know.

Re: WTB: E50 or ZA50


i have a za-50 bottom end. missing stator , flywheel and

clutch cover

Re: WTB: E50 or ZA50

email sent. anyone else? I got paypal funds burning a hole in my epocket

Re: WTB: E50 or ZA50

I have a fancy brand new performance con rod for a za50. It's got needle bearings! I bought it from Treats and then sold my za50. Want it? $43.

Re: WTB: E50 or ZA50

I will keep this in mind, but at the moment I am trying to avoid tearing down my za50 by buying a running engine.

In september I will feel differently, and if you still have it, I will buy it.

Re: WTB: E50 or ZA50

Do you want $150 today??? Sell me your running engine!!! Become rich!!!!

Re: WTB: E50 or ZA50

hey leo I'm definatly interested in your ZA50 bottom end. would you take $65+ shipping for it?

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