For Sale? SUPERB '81 passport, 82 hobbit


I need to purchase two tickets for Germany. So, I may be selling my two prized possesions- a very very clean '81 Passport (70cc, 3 speed) and my honda hobit (red in color)

Both bikes are at about 3500 miles. They both run amazingly well.

The passport will do 45 or 50 down hill. 45mph with two people on it.

The hobbit does about 25.

I know what these bikes are worth, and I am still hesitant to sell them, but before Ebay, my friends in the army get first dibs.

The passport, I am asking 1000 for. They are consistantly bringing 1200 on ebay.

The hobbit, i am asking 500 for.

Please only serious inquiries.


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