FS Super cool Chappy LB80 in Maine

This bike is awesome. Everything works great. it has incredible low end torque due to the automatic 2 speed, and it's blistering 72cc power.

It makes a bit of a funny noise when going fast.

it is a Awesome super reliable bike.

top speed is just over 30, but it could go MUCH faster with some simple tinkering. (gearing/carb)

All lights/ blinkers work.

Comes with copy of Shop and Parts manuals.

This bike has NEVER broken down on me!

A note to the purists. This is a noped. The kickstart piece is broken, but I think I have a replacement. It starts super easy by push starting too.

It is at my folks house and I do not currently have a picture.

the attached photo is NOT my chappy, but a similar one. mine is a bit dirtier.



Re: FS Super cool Chappy LB80 in Maine


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