Hey Creatures!

Sell me a pair of those 17" spoked Maxi wheels y'all nabbed up from Mr. Hoppe. I was transfered to voicemail while you were scorin the goods. That shit ain't funny mutho-fuckuh.

Re: Hey Creatures!

By the way, I'm not hating. It's just that I could smell wheels with my name on em, being walked to my doorstep by mr. mailman. And it smelled so good and right and true.

I guess you'll just have to tell mr. mailman for me that I miss his generous offerings of sweet blaster packages. I hope you guys are enjoying the cool breeze on that side of the hills.

Re: Hey Creatures!

John, I'm just getting one inch ones. Geez, I think I've bought 4 sets from him. He said he has some center hump ones coming...ask about them. Harry gets stuff ALL the time, he'll never sold out of wheels.

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