F/S Tomos Lx nj CHEAP

heres is a 1995 TITLED tomos. Went throught the whole thing today to make sure it was good to go and for what parts it needed. Its not the best but also not the worst. Could use some nice TLC . What it needs is a taillight lens, (i have the assembly not broken, but no lens) Needs a bigger jet, has a 54 in it now. Could use new brake cables cause these are kinda tight. Also could use another carb cleaning. Needs headlight lens too. And last but noe least needs a spark plus cable, or it can be fixed, the end is alittle messed up i tryed to fix it and did a ok job. Nothing crazy just some minor things, Looking to get $250. Email is SamZubel@aim.com or respond here


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Re: F/S Tomos Lx nj CHEAP

wow noone wants a cheap moped

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Where is the Moped located?

Re: F/S Tomos Lx nj CHEAP

Hey, I am Matt. I am interested in buying your F/S Tomos Lx. I heard about the

moped for sale threw Pat Kearns. I am willing to look at it anytime. Call me on my

cell phone 973-557-3165 or my house 973-839-5978. I am definitly interested

in buying the moped.



thanks dude SOLD

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