FS: 2 ZA50's

both have less than 1000 miles on them..

motor 1. one i took off a bike and it was seized up i knocked out the piston hooned it and got a new piston and rings. totaly complete

motor 2. the other i just got off a bike .. it turns over and ran when i took it off the bike. the fly wheel is ganked.and its missing the head.. i needed it for a project.

motor 1 i would like 250 + shipping

motor 2 i would like 200 + shipping

both for 400 plus shipping ..

I can send photos to all who want them.

Re: FS: 2 ZA50's

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /


250 + shipping for an engine that could be fucked? sorry dude

200 for a bike you took the flywheel and head off?

change your prices to 75 and 50 respectivley and you're getting back towards realistic.

ill buy the motor two for 50 bucks plus the 12 it takes for you to put it in the oversized flat rate box.

Re: FS: 2 ZA50's

yeah, i'd give you $150 including shipping for both.

Re: FS: 2 ZA50's

sold 150 shipped

Re: FS: 2 ZA50's

Please note that Drew had gotten "wet" before he posted this.

PcP, Premos, sherms, dust, P-dawg, whatever ya want to say, the dude was "butt naked".

Re: FS: 2 ZA50's

i was pretty high

Re: FS: 2 ZA50's

On the price or from smoking something? ;)

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