Any Honda CL or ct 70-110 in New England....trades

Yeah I want one. Especially a CL70 or CL90. but the CT's are cool too.

Trades Available.

I have a Motobecane hardtail with an AV10 and airsal 65cc kit. rebuilt, painted, kreemed.

Incomplete, just needs carb.

I have a Chappy LB80 running well, low end torque like you wouldn't believe.

Re: Any Honda CL or ct 70-110 in New

ARGH! I have a ct70 right now on ebay, but im in the midwest

Re: Any Honda CL or ct 70-110 in New

Holy crap! Back in the old days you could post in here and it might be a few days before the post fell off the end of the world.

Now 6 hours and a post is page 2 fodder.

I'll bump to that!

I would also more then consider the Honda s90 oh so sassy

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