82' Honda Urban Express NU50

I am looking to purchase a nice seat, a throttle cable, and front and rear brake cables for my 82' Honda Urban Express. I have been looking all over for a throttle cable so please somebody help me out.

Re: 82' Honda Urban Express NU50

Matt Scout The Scouting Dcon /

I have been getting parts for my NU50 here. I think the only parts you will be able to find there for your urban that you have listed will be the front and rear brake cables. If you buy the cables, remember to get the knarps too, they are not included with the cables. The cables should be under the "Handle Lever - Cable - Switch" schematic and the two knarp pieces (a barrel and nut) can be found on the "Front Wheel" schematic; just order two of each piece, they are the same front and rear. Good luck!

Re: 82' Honda Urban Express NU50

the throttle cables on those are a little bit, weird, it splits into 2 1 going to the carb and one going to the oil injection, anyways go to the local Honda dealer have them order you one

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