Let's talk about Jets

What is the best place to get jets from? 1977mopeds, mopedshop, and treats don't offer that great of a selection for puch bing jets.

I'm looking to get jets ranging from 58-72 or so. Any suggestions?

Re: Let's talk about Jets

while I've got you here, I might as well ask.

What jet size do you think would be good for a '78 puch newport with proma gp, 14mm bing, and high flow filter? I'm thinking I'll experiment with the mid 60's but I've never tuned my ped's jets.

Re: Let's talk about Jets

lows 70s prob. and benji at treats has pretty much everysize jet you could need, just does not list them ALL on the site as that would be kinda crazy, just e-mail and ask him.

Re: Let's talk about Jets

Yes, benji has what you need. For reference I have a magnum with an e50, 15mm bing, high flow filter, and a techno boss @ 72.

Let's talk about the Jets

Pennington is totally going to stay healthy this year.

Watch out AFC East.

Re: Let's talk about the Jets

lee's anus is leefungchowOG /

1977 FTW we gots all sizes homie!!!

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