WTB Proma GP

I wish themopedshop.com had that $70 pipe around still. Does anyone have one they don't want? I'm looking to improve my Puch's lower end, I think the proma GP is the best (considering the price) for that sort of upgrade.



Re: WTB Proma GP

Mark - I have one. Or actually, my brother does. It's essentially brand new. He bought it for his Mangum in January and has ridden perhaps only 100 miles on it.

He ran a wwaaaayyyyyy fat jet in it for a while so there's going to be some oil clean up. We'll do the best we can. Nothing to crazy, though. It'll look great. Black proma GP.

He's getting an Estoril tomorrow from Treats.

70.00 new......so, what....55.00 plus shipping? I'll go down and look at it right now.

Re: WTB Proma GP

Sweet! Let me know, I'll be checking mopedarmy pretty often throughout the day...

you can also email me


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