WTB Wheel bearings/cones

Where oh where can I buy wheel bearings, cups, and cones? I've got a Puch Newport and I just don't know where to look.

thanks guys

Re: WTB Wheel bearings/cones


Re: WTB Wheel bearings/cones

they don't sell bearings though...

Puch Bearing Races (CUPS)

Part# Description Price

P11-120A Hub Cup OD 35mm ID 14mm $5.95

P11-120B Hub Cup OD 32mm ID 14mm $7.95

P11-120C Hub Cup OD 32mm ID 14mm $5.95

P11-120D Hub Cup N/A

P11-120E Hub Cup OD 29mm ID 12mm $9.95

P11-120F Hub Cup OD 29mm ID 15mm $N/A

they sell cups and

P12-104 (4) wheel bearing 6001RS


See also cups below for some other bearing options $14.95 ea

But they are sealed. I can't simply replace the cup/bearings/cone system with a sealed bearing set up and expect it to fly... can i? Is there a how-to somewhere?

I've ran searches and I've been through the wiki and fred's... I can't seem to figure this out.

thanks for your help you guys.

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