jawa thyristor

Does anyone out there have a working thyristor?

Re: jawa thyristor

Vlado vlado /

Yes, I do, but...

there ia a MYTH about thyristors going bad on Jawas;

Read all posts on this forum-(all sections)- go into about 6 months history; we were covering it numerous times, you might not need the thyristor, there are some electrical glitches to look at before spending dollars for unnecessary part.

I am going to Slovakia this Sunday for 3 weeks, bringing some parts for MA fellows, if you need some, look at parts list on jawamoped.com and give me part # and description- Iwill bring it for you.

Prices are very good over there, I'll charge you only that plus whatever shipping from NJ to you, OK?



Re: jawa thyristor

hey, are you back?

and did you bring any extras?

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