WTB: Moto Guzzi Robin bottom end

hey man

looking for a rebuildable bottom end for a moto guzzi

robin or a benelli blazer. i think the motors are the same.


Re: WTB: Moto Guzzi Robin bottom end

Dave Peterson /

I may have a couple Robin motors, do you have a picture of yours?


Re: WTB: Moto Guzzi Robin bottom end


i have a 1978 moto guzzi robin.

there are pics in the photo section.

the pics of a 1978 robin motor are exactly like

what my motor looks like.

right now i have not been able to pull the clutch on

my robin. its been much abused. the starter pads

on the clutch pac are gone and i have been getting

by with epoxing in cork gasket material on the

clutch. the engine looks very straightforward and simple

to rebuild but i can*t get the clutch off without

destroying the crank end. thus my quest for another

moto guzzi engine.

i just need the bottom end. my top end is fine.

also looking for these parts

1. air cleaner shroud

2. mag cover

3. repair manuel

4. pedal crank and bushings

any information is greatly appreciated. i am kinda

impressed with the benelli/moto guzzis now.

simple construction and reliability



Re: WTB: Moto Guzzi Robin bottom end

Dave Peterson /

I think those pictures are the same as mine. I can photo copy the manual that I have. and do you need the chrome engine guard?


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