FS Benelli Blazar

Pete Daddeo *YouTube: Moped Problems* /

I just want to throw this out there. I dont have a pic just yet but will soon.

I have a crap Benelli Blazar I need to get out of my driveway. Engine works fine. I rode it not two months ago, toping out at 28 mph. But since then I have "borrowed" a few parts from it, so its not going anywhere...

This is whats missing:

Pedals, Spark plug cap, headlight, throttle, drive chain, gas tank

What it has going for it:

Brand new rear tire and tube 16'

running engine and carb

Better exhaust, long pipe not the pan

Thats it!

So anyone want the whole thing or parts?


Re: FS Benelli Blazar

hahah I have one too.

Crap indeed.

Re: FS Benelli Blazar

WAIT YES! I need the nut off the back axle, left grip with brake lever, front brake cable, front brake assembly ( the little nut thingy).

Re: FS Benelli Blazar

Pete Daddeo *YouTube: Moped Problems* /

I have the nut for the back axle, left grip with brake lever. Let me check on the condition of the front brake. It works but if I remember correctly I jimmy rigged the little nut thing.

Re: FS Benelli Blazar

I sent you an email about the "extra" parts you may have.

Re: FS Benelli Blazar

yo. i want the whole shabang....and only wish the engine bolts up to my bobo or at least the piston rings are the same.

Re: FS Benelli Blazar

Pete Daddeo *YouTube: Moped Problems* /

Sorry chance. shes a goner

Re: FS Benelli Blazar

Chance, Im thinking about selling / parting mine out.

Everything works, and everythings there except the left brake lever.

Whatchoo want/need?

Are you going to be at the IRE rally, or Meat us Half way?

Re: FS Benelli Blazar

no rallies. i want the rings or the engine,once i find out it will bolt up to my bike....and its cheap enough.

Re: FS Benelli Blazar

I have a spare, well almost 2 spare benelli motors if you want some parts. I would hate to see a whole bike get destroyed just for a few engine parts.

I would also be interested in buying the clutch out of the motor if you do deside to part it.

I will be at the IRE rally. How much did you want for the Blazer? Is it in running condition?

I also found a place near me that sell moto guzzi robin parts, which the motors are the same on the benelli as on the Guzzi. Maybe they will have some parts. So just send me an email if there is motor crap you want me to look for.

You can also email Skipjaz. I know he has 2 old Guzzi Motors laying around.

Re: FS Benelli Blazar

i buy it from you.

bring to st louis in november.

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