I need a new Axle assembly

Hey guys, My Puch's ('78 newport) rear wheel started spewing bearings everywhere.

I need to replace the cone, and the bearings. But to be honest I really hate the way the axle assembly is, I want sealed bearings. Where can I get them from and how diffiicult is it to go from oldschool bearings to sweet sealed ones? What pieces can I remove? How does it all come together?



Re: I need a new Axle assembly

Motomatic or Myron's are the only people I have heard of that do sealed bearing conversion.

Re: I need a new Axle assembly


ok so I guess I'll stick with the cone/bearing set up.

Where is the best (or at least half decent) place to buy cones, cups, and bearings?

themopedjunkyard.com sells an italian aftermarket one.. but what size am I looking for? Where do I get the cups and bearings?

I have a 78 Puch Newport. Everything is stock.

Any help you guys can give me would be awesome and greatly appreciated. I'm close to just buying a new wheel altogether.

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