50v +lots of parts

alright so the story begins. back about a month ago my dad and i purchased a moby 50v to see if we could get it running. it was running for a bit then it would just cut out. so we would start it back up and it would run then cut out. so we figured the carb was complete shit. so my bro has this pocket bike that is broken. we took the carb off of that and put it on to the moby well it did the same thing exeot all of the sudden it wouldnt start back up so now it wont run. and we are fed up with it. so were selling it. 200 dollars gets you a complete moby 50v (with pocket bike carb. but the original carb will be included) another orange moby that has a bad engine and a box of parts. so email me or call me. if people dont take the whole bike i will consider parting it out. please understand this moby has 56xx miles on it. thanks alot.


Re: 50v +lots of parts

oh email is gtotherob@gmail.com

Re: 50v +lots of parts

what year are they?

Re: 50v +lots of parts

okay so as of now my dad got the good one running. but i do still have some parts from this orange one (look at pic) so ask for parts i may have them. i think its a 77

and i do have the engine for the orange one but its bad


Re: 50v +lots of parts

email sent.

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