WTB: Quality and Running $400+ (Att:CA, OR, NV)

I need a moped that I could drive straight from when I put the cash in your hands, and then be able to make it Redding where I'm going to school this Fall. I'm in Kalamazoo, MI for the summer and can pick up in September. I don't expect any moped to have zero problems, but I am looking for a reliable ride that hasn't had so many mods that its engine's been rebuilt 12 times. I'll probably drive 4-5 hours if you convince me it's worth my time (SF, SAC, Eugene, Reno). I would love to buy from the _Landsquids_ or _Creatures_ if you have members willing to sell.

I hope I know a good offer when I see one and expect to pay more than $400 cash for your good deal and my good deal. Because we both want to feel good in the end right?

_I love you..._

preferences {in no particular order} that don't count what you have to offer out:

Brand/Make that has relatively easy parts to replace

Motobecane, Puch, Garelli, Peugeot, Vespa, Tomos

35mph+ (I'm 160lbs)


Less than 5,000mi

Top tank

You bought it from a grandma who hasn't ridden it since the week she bought and then stored ts safely in the garage 32 years ago.

So It's possible I may have contradicted myself or appear naive, I'm trying my best to get my first moped. You had to get your first moped once too.

Thanks for your help.

_Nicolas Yarosz_

Re: WTB: Quality and Running $400+ (Att:CA, OR, NV


Re: WTB: Quality and Running $400+ (Att:CA, OR, NV

umm, youre in the wrong part of the country to try to find a top tank anything for anywhere around 400. better start looking at yard sales and craigslist.

Re: WTB: Quality and Running $400+ (Att:CA, OR, NV

Well I'm prepared to pay what I have to.

And getting a top tank was just a preference, not a prerequisite.

Thanks for pointing that out for me though!

Re: WTB: Quality and Running $400+ (Att:CA, OR, NV

Buy a Tomos they are reliable. Save the headache.

Re: WTB: Quality and Running $400+ (Att:CA, OR, NV

That's sound advice nik. I've heard that from more than just you. Thanks.

Still looking...

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