Brand New 2008 TOMOS 4 Sale

I'm selling this brand new 2008 Tomos Sprint 50cc Moped with the A55 engine.

It cruises around 35 mph, gets 100 MPG and has 5 1/2 months left on the 6 month warranty.

I just picked it up from the dealer a couple weeks ago and only rode it around the block a few times before realizing I'm too damn big for it. It only has 10 miles on the odometer.

Unfortunately I think once you hit 215lbs, your out of the moped game :o(

I have more pictures if you want to see them.

$1,100.00 firm (the actual price I paid minus sales tax). I'll even show you the receipt.

Located just outside Boston Ma.

I will also throw in all the (pre-measured 2 stroke engine oil and the chain lube I bought for it.

Send me an email to:


Re: Brand New 2008 TOMOS 4 Sale

those rims would look niiiice on my bike =p

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