WTB:moped in texas

i'm looking to buy a running ped for under 500. let me know if you've got anything that is running or close to it and you're somewhere in texas.


Re: WTB:moped in texas

anyone? anything?

Re: WTB:moped in texas

check craigslist daily.

Go by Austin Mopeds on 5th st.

Re: WTB:moped in texas

yeah, austin mopeds is cool but their peds are really expensive. and i've been checking craigslist and ebay daily for a while. nothing in texas lately. when i got myself one a while back it didn't take that long for me to find one, but now that my girlfriend wants one i can't find anything anywhere near here.

just thought i would see if anybody on here had anything. i keep telling her one will pop up eventually but the texas summer is making her hate her bicycle.

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