FS: Custom Seat

I have this custom seat that I bought from ragstrecher a few months ago. Decided i want to go with something with a bit more padding. It would look great on a Magnum or another top tank.

on a magnum frame

photo credit goes to ragstrecher. i've done nothing to the seat and will include the self-tapping threads given to me. a post, bracket, and bolts will need to be purchased for the mounting.

I bought it for $50, I won't go any lower than that.

I can bring it to BroBQ this weekend.

Re: FS: Custom Seat

Sorry, thats $50 shipped.

Re: FS: Custom Seat

I.R.E. Mike Pee /


Re: FS: Custom Seat

mijunkin, e-mail me at thespeculaters@gmail.com

will you be at brobq?

Re: FS: Custom Seat

I.R.E. Mike Pee /

No, I won't. :(

I e-mailed the one in your profile. about to go e-mail the gmail one now.

Re: FS: Custom Seat

e-mail replied, paypal to babe0021@umn.edu


Re: FS: Custom Seat

Yo adam your from MN?

Re: FS: Custom Seat

werd tales.

im in my hometown of eau claire, wi right now, but i live in minneapolis for school. i'll be home after brobq this weekend. you should come ride with us.

ill make sure to get you on the e-mail list.

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