MOTOBECANE for trade in Louisville, Ky!

I just got this but I am more into NO-peds so I am looking to trade for one. Mainly looking for SUZUKI products but will consider any brands. I don't know much about these but I will tell you what I do know. Carb is missing, no seat, motor turn over fine, needs random nuts and bolts, controls need to be hooked up (some are hooked up and may just need adjustments but if I were you, I would replace the cables), wheels are dusty but look like they will clean up real nice. It isn't pictured but I do have the other pedal. You can e-mail me at

MOTOBECANE for trade in Louisville, Ky!



MOTOBECANE for trade in Louisville, Ky!

Picture 2!


Calling it!

bring that thing by the house and we will get it running. C'mon, I know people who want things.

Calling it!

I thought you were dead!

Re: Calling it!

linguinis don't die they multiply. Now work out deal with me on that Motobecane before i report you for over feeding your animals

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