Hobbit parts FS

1. Tank

2. Petcock

3. handlebars

4. Front fender

5. luggage rack

6. rear fender

7. seat

8. rear fender chrome support

9. left grip

10. headlight bucket

11. speedometer

12. shocks. only one is good, the other for bushings and other parts

Re: Hobbit parts FS

How rusted is the tank?

I have a tank but you can hear crap bouncing around in there and it doesn't have a cap or petcock. I could also use the bars.

How much you want?

Re: Hobbit parts FS

How about those handlebar levers?

Re: Hobbit parts FS

Don't have a cap for the tank. still want it? this is for your freespirit?

no handlebar levers

Re: Hobbit parts FS

What about just the front part of the headlight bucket?

Re: Hobbit parts FS

front part is gone.

Nate, I found a honda spree gas cap today, should fit.

Re: Hobbit parts FS

It's not for the Fresspirit. I'm actually around 70 percent of the way to a hobbit. I've got a frame, tank engine, carb (if I go with the shitty stock carb), muffler, variater, throttle, grips, and a crap ton of random odds and ends.

I need bars,wheels, a condensor and a little bit of other stuff for the thing...

Well I have a rear wheel but its jacked.

So... Yeah I'd be down with the cap if it fits and some bars if you've got em... I'm gonna launch you an email right now.

Re: Hobbit parts FS

how much for the headlight bucket?, and what color is it?



Re: Hobbit parts FS

How about the spring that holds the speedo to the bucket, as well as the metal collar that protects the bucket from the bolts that hold it to the forks?

I know these are strange requests...

Re: Hobbit parts FS

Is the seat the longer kind, or the saddle seat?

Re: Hobbit parts FS

Headlight bucket is yellow.

seat is a saddle with some rips.

have the speedo spring, $7 shipped? dont have the metal collar.

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