FS: 1978 Pa50-II - $500

This thing is in great running condition, the only thing that needs to be done is have the headlight casing replaced, and I already have a replacement. I just don't have the time or energy to put into fixing this moped. I bought it for commuting, but its such a short commute, I'm actually faster on my bicycle. Check out my craigslist post:


Note the discount for MA members. I really need this gone as soon as possible because I could really use the cash.


Re: FS: 1978 Pa50-II - $500

I wrote "don't have time or energy to put into fixing the moped." What I meant was the headlight casing. Absolutely nothing else needs work. I know there's a whole process of disconnecting cables and stuff and I don't have any of the tools for that.

Re: FS: 1978 Pa50-II - $500

Wow, that's not the picture I thought I uploaded. Here's a nice profile shot.

Here's a couple others:

and the replacement:

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