WTB lots of vespa stuff

kk, i need:

a rear wheel with clutch for a variated bike.

grande forks, preferably with the fender, but not neccesarily.

controls (left and right brake with the built in decomp lever)

a round headlight that will fit a grande.

a 13mm carb or two

and it's a long shot, but does anyone have an extra ring or two for a malossi 70cc vespa kit?

anybody gots?!?!

Re: WTB lots of vespa stuff

seriously... i just got my free money check! let me know who has any of this stuff please!

Re: WTB lots of vespa stuff

I have a Grande front fender if you find forks without one.

Re: WTB lots of vespa stuff

Round headlights for the Grande (CEV Tipo 105) are available from Handybikes. The ones they sell have a replaceable bulb, too. I have one on the way, should be in tomorrow, Ill let you know how it works.

Re: WTB lots of vespa stuff

The round headlight from HandyBikes is genius. Drop-in replacement for the normal CEV 171 that came on the Vespa bikes, installs in 5 minutes, looks the same, has replaceable bulbs, and for $29 includes a headlight bucket to fit the later Grandes, the retaining clips, a bulb, and a Type 105 chrome ring.

This would take about 5 more minutes on a Ciao, cause the Ciao has a plug that plugs into the beam where the Grande has blade connectors. One the Ciao youd just cut the plug off and crimp on some blades. Still brilliant.

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