WTB - Sachs/Foxi Exhaust

A friend just picked up a Foxi and it needs an exhaust bad. Looking for a stock pipe in decent shape, or a fair price for a used aftermarket pipe.


Re: WTB - Sachs/Foxi Exhaust

do the 505's use the same exhaust as the 504's? if so i have one.

Re: WTB - Sachs/Foxi Exhaust

I actually need to double check what kind of Sachs engine is in the Foxi. Does anyone know an easy way to identify it?

Re: WTB - Sachs/Foxi Exhaust

should be labeled on the engine

Re: WTB - Sachs/Foxi Exhaust

i'll sell you my stock foxi exhaust. let me know what it's worth to you. i was thinking about posting an ad the other day. i have no use for it anymore.

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