WTB: Trac Frame

I got a knockoff new Daelim dp50 engine, and since I hate actual work, it'd be neat to find a frame to slap it onto.

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Re: WTB: Trac Frame

You mean like a step-thru Trac frame?

Like this?

Re: WTB: Trac Frame

or do you want a top tank trac frame.

i got one or 2

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If the top tank has the same engine as the one in the step-through pick, then yes, I wants me a top tank.

But either would work, really. What would you want to ship it to 80304?

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Blah blah bump...

Re: WTB: Trac Frame

u comn to brobq ? i have most of a trac top tank

Re: WTB: Trac Frame

Sadly, I'm not.. Freakin' Denver is far away from everything.. How much would you want for it if I could find someone to pick it up for me?

Re: WTB: Trac Frame

heres a pic its kinda beat up little rusty have the shocks for it too. was lookin to get $150


Re: WTB: Trac Frame

Might you have another shot of the engine mounts? The ones I need seem to have the pedals through the engine, but they might still be close enough that I can chop/weld to the existing ones. My welding skills aren't so great that I trust myself to make entirely new mounts, but a little drilling, adding bits I can do.

I'm seeing if anyone on the generals can run it from BroBQ to KC for me.

150 seems a bit high, but that's probably just because we're spoiled here with the lack of a moped market.. If you're firm on that, it's really my only option. I'll probably check the junkyard tuesday, and if I can't find something there, I'll try to go for this.

Still don't actually have one


Re: Still don't actually have one


Re: WTB: Trac Frame

Man, this is a bumptastic thread. I'll start letting it get to 4th page from here on out.

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