Anyone have a cobra seat they'd like to sell me? 'Cause I need one ;/

Re: Cobraaa

one isnt enough!?!

Re: Cobraaa

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

want to trade those tires on your maxi for some gazelles? I'll swap them and give you $20!

Re: Cobraaa

my buddy made a cobra seat that looks better than stock. to me at least.

he could probably do another one for ya if you're interested,

and he also has his original stock one i might be able to smuggle for you.

Re: Cobraaa

Perfect! i'm basically interested in that stock seat but if you have a photo of what the better seat looks like that'd be great as well. Thanks so much! Just um, email me yeah?

Re: Cobraaa

there ya go!

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