FS: Batavus M-48 Laura engine

very complete Batavus engine. great looking piston and bore.

no blow-by on the piston. rings look new.

magneto there ....needs points and condenser which i will include.

clutch missing friction plate and spring.

no exhaust, no carb.

intake included . comes with reed cage and reeds.

reeds look great.

$125.00 plus shipping


this is the best of 2 engines i have

Re: FS: Batavus M-48 Laura engine

Interested, don't know about the price. Need pics. Is the other engine an M48? What shape? Is it for sale? Thanks.

Re: FS: Batavus M-48 Laura engine

i knew deane would jump on this. -125 is pretty steep for one of the most restricted engines ever designed. i got mine for 50 and it was in great shape. but you have a right to ask whatever you want.

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