FS Trac Clipper (running)

Hey guys I have a Trac Clipper, I got it running a few days ago, it appears to be complete all parts are there. It is missing a headlight, it has the casing for it just not the bulb (I'm assuming it uses the one piece headlamp). I'm trying to sell her for 350 OBO. She could use some work of course but she does start up. I don't know how well she runs I've just been cruising around the shop. The moped is in Blacksburg, Virginia (Virginia Tech). Pickup only. Let me know if anyone is interested I know this ped has some really hard to find parts on it.


Re: FS Trac Clipper (running)

Got a picture?

Re: FS Trac Clipper (running)

I can take one today and post it up, Thanks

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