New Tomos - Streetmate R? Good buy?

thinking about buying a new Tomos racing streetmate.

Does anyone have any input on weather this is a good bike. I will be doing some performance tuning, and want it to haul ass.

What exactly is the difference between the Racing version of the Streetmate and the non-racing? Anything other than cosmetics that warrant the "racing" tag??

Feedback would be appreciated.

Re: New Tomos - Streetmate R? Good buy?

Raymond Wright IV /

streetmate r is an amazing bike.

too much plastic,

but it will fly when performance arts are added.

streetmate r's have larger gas tanks and reserves than regular streetmates.

do a 22 tooth sprocket or even a 20 to start the speed improvements.

dont do any performance parts until 600 miles though.

Re: New Tomos - Streetmate R? Good buy?


I think im definately sold on this bike. The wife already gave the thumbs up

Re: New Tomos - Streetmate R? Good buy?

yea the streetmates and the Rs get like 8-10+ mph with 22 tooth rear sprocket and im wating on a tecingas pipe now it can probably hit 50 no sweet and higher if your a good tuner

Re: New Tomos - Streetmate R? Good buy?

the drifter /

basically the whole tomos line is the same engine and bike just done up with different exteriors, thats why i would go with the sprint, lighest=fastest

Re: New Tomos - Streetmate R? Good buy?

Hey Jeff

I just picked up my Streetmate R on Saturday. Yes, it's a bad ass ride. Also I have classic/ vintage/ moped and it nice to know that at least one ride works.

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