Ebay 77 Garelli SSXL


Its Not Mine But Damn, If I Had The Money It Would Be. Somebody Here Better Jump On That!!! 104 Orignal Miles!!! Not Even Broken-In Fully By Many Standards!!!!!! Youll Be Sure to See Atleast A Bid Form Me!

Re: Ebay 77 Garelli SSXL

gee thanks, Im sure nobody from here had noticed it yet

Re: Ebay 77 Garelli SSXL

wooooow... i looked at it last night it was at 60 bucks.. now you screwed my ass its well over 300 with 6 days left..

boooooo you

Re: Ebay 77 Garelli SSXL

but on a nother note.. im in lancaster lets ride

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