electronic speedometer

hi, i was wondering if anyone out there knows of a good online store to buy moped parts and accessories. Or does anyone know where i can find an electronic speedometer that would fit a 1995 tomos targa? thanx

Re: electronic speedometer

buy a wired bicycle speedo. don't get the wireless kind, they get all wonky on peds.

Re: electronic speedometer

walmart sells a schwinn (wired) one for 6.00

Re: electronic speedometer

i did just that lol and yes it didnt work, and yes i was dissapionted, and yes it sucked =( DONT GET WIRELESS!


Re: electronic speedometer

I should have rephrased, I'm looking for a digital speedo, like how a digital clock looks, but its a speedometer. so as you go faster you'll see your speed as a number not a arrow pointing to a number. this is the best i can describe what i,m looking for. thanx

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