77 motobecane for sale huntingdon, pa

Orange 77 motobecane Looks pretty nice .No title.starts runs drives.Gurtner carb has its issues but hey you dont just get the one bike.You get a parts bike too.I think its a 78 , Both seats longn and short are in good condition with no tears or rips.Parts bike has an extra belt,motor,pedals, crank, wheels ( no tires), headlight, coil, muffler, etc.The pic with bike seat and the new shiny muffler on is current.It could be cleaned up real nice.I started pulling parts off the yellow one and have them laying on the ground The wehlls will shine right up .There is only surface rust on them and a little steel wool will make them look new again.I was going to put one of them on the front of the orange one.Ive cleaned the carb and installed an inline filter and its been doing about 25 mph.


Re: 77 motobecane for sale huntingdon, pa

They look pretty good. I think my buddy will be pleased. I will have him e-mail you this morning.

Re: 77 motobecane for sale huntingdon, pa

they look sweet...when can i check it out? u got time tomorrow?

Re: 77 motobecane for sale huntingdon, pa

how much are u looking to get?

Re: 77 motobecane for sale huntingdon, pa

hey ricky...im the one that bought the bike in bellefonte. 1 quick question did u say that the big problem was cleaning the carb ? it looks clean, do i also need to adjust the idle screw?

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