Looking for QT50 or something else in Louisville

I've got a QT50 and a Motobecane 50V right now, kind of want another QT50 or similar ride. Moped or noped. Anything around or under $400... cheaper = better (up to a point)

I'd also be willing to part with the 50V if anyone wants to trade projects... it was running a few years ago but got put away. the Gurtner is filthy and leaky, I've got a Dellorto 14:12 for it that needs a jet... it needs a belt... and a good cleanup... throttle cable is sticky.... one brake cable is snapped... choke cable is in terrible shape... surface rust on the variator, chains... like I said, it's a project. Gas tank doesn't seem to be rusty through, ran some gas through it and it came out clean. It's not too bad overall, just needs some attention.

(Yes Jesse... you've asked me a lot in the past... I might actually part with it this time...!)

Anyway, let me know if you've got something.

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